Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our First Bundle of Joy!

So after 38 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy
and 28 hours of really fun labor...

 (I felt surprisingly lighter when my water broke
at 3am friday morning)

Charlie was obviously really excited to dress up and be in 
the room the C-section delivery. He said he didn't believe it 
when he saw them pull Reed out, it was amazing!

We were very excited to welcome our little Eric Reed Alvey Jr.
 into this crazy world were we plan to love him lots and lots! He came
in weighing 8 lbs 13 oz and is 21.5 inches long, and growing rapidly, by
his 2 week appointment he was back up to 9 lbs after he lost
 quite a bit in the hospital from our blood sugar issues.

He had many wonderful family and friends show up to
welcome him into the world, one of which was his cousin
Parker who was so cute and wanted to give him a hug but
Reed didn't like it(probably cause he's a BYU fan).

Little Reed thinks he's such a stud already just relaxing and 
sleeping and eating all the time, just like a normal newborn I'm
sure, I just love to watch him while he sleeps cause he's so sweet.

He seems to really like bath time which is great cause I'm a 
water loving person and now Charlie is too. I can't wait til 
summer so i can take him swimming!

On November 5th mommy was mean and laid him in his
very first snow! He wasn't able to open his eyes too much
 cause the snow was so bright.

He also met his closest cousin Brooklyn saturday, born just 
9 days after Reed was born, I can't wait for them to be playing 
together at family reunions, I loved playing with my cousins
that were around my age. Wonderful days.

On November 6th we blessed Reed and by the looks of it he                                     is very happy to have a name, his grandpas name at that,                                 unhappy to be wearing a little monkey suit.


Aubrey said...

We love baby Reed! (and your new header- very clever!) Can't wait to see him again! :) Hope all is well for the Roy Alvey's!

Mr. & Mrs. Alveybunch said...

Congrats again! Lovin' the updates, keep up the good work! So glad we were able to make it to Reed's blessing!