Monday, August 18, 2008

What you have been waiting for...

Erica and Charlie finally got married August 9th, 2008 and have been happily married for 9 days now! We went to Cancun on our honeymoon and suffered humidity, Mexican food, and flee markets for a whole 5 days. All in all it was a very memorable trip. Since then we have been busy opening presents, moving into the apartment at the University of Utah student housing, and finding room to put everything.
Charlie will start school on the 25th of August once again and Erica is thinking about going back to work at Larson Dental she will probably get back around to it next week. Things are getting back to normal slowly and we are looking forward to all the future has to bring!
And lastly a big thanks for all the support and love from everyone. The wedding was beautiful and we were even blessed with good luck rain at the reception!! A special thanks to Greg and Linda and Kathy and Eric for raising such wonderful kids. We love you a bunch!!!