Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ragu or Prego?

If anyone still reads this and hasn't heard the news yet, Erica is pregnant!  She is due October 11th and we are having a boy!!  We are going to name him Eric Reed after his grandpa.  A little update after a year of not using this thing;  Charlie graduated from the University of Utah and is enjoying his job as a mechanical engineer at Hill Air Force Base, he has been there about 10 months, Erica had a tubal pregnancy in September which was really scary and sad for us, she also quit her job at the dental office and is a Senior Mary Kay Consultant, we have lived in our house for over a year, we are both in the youth program in our ward, Erica is a laurel advisor and Charlie is the second counselor in the young men, we celebrated Thanksgiving in Montana with Charlie's sister Shenille and family, Erica's sister Kate left on her mission to Manchester England about a year ago, we visited Zack and family for Halloween, Charlie's sister Krystal passed away in April and we still miss her tons (her family is doing well though and the Lord is blessing them), we went to Jed's graduation from BYU (he got a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering), we went to St. George for Taylor's baptism, etc...  Life is good.  Look for more exciting news coming at you in 2012!