Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So things have been going well for Charlie and Erica! We went up to Hamilton, Montana for thanksgiving to visit Charlies sister and her family. His brother Jed, his fiancee Aubrey, and his parents were there as well. Then December. Bring it on. We went to a lot of ward and family and friend Christmas parties, did Luminarios on Christmas Eve (visiting relatives grave sites and putting candles on them to remember them), went to Erica's parents for Christmas morning and ended up dead tired by the end of everything. The highlight for Erica was the Nintendo Wii that Santa gave us so now she had something to do while Charlie does homework during school.
We then headed down to St. George the next week for New Years Eve at Charlies brother Zacks and his family. While we were there we watched the Utes smash Alambama in the Sugar Bowl !!! Go UTES!!! School is now back in session and we are back to our good old uniform life.

(p.s. I would get some more pictures up, but the camera cord has gone missing to download them to the computer)